Video Overview


System provides the real-time video capturing capability. The video is grabbed, compressed, and transmitted through Internet or Intranet. It transforms the video transmission into a new era. It lets you conveniently monitor whatever you want!


Video At Works

Internet surfing becomes a part of our life from Cyber shopping, information searching, and communicating… But what you can see is only some pictures. You cannot real-time experience what happens at scenes. Now, systems give you a new solution and brings you into a new era of video transmission.

  1. Mr. and Mrs. White both leave home for work and drop off their daughter at the Day Care center. Parents like to enjoy the growth of children and know children are well cared. When they take a break from work, they can login to the Day Care Center and view the live video of their daughter playing at yard! System can offer parents peace of mind!


Besides Internet, Intranet is also a hot topic. Of course, you can also apply video in Intranet. system provides a new vision as it can integrate multi-tasks in LAN environment, such as the security system, the remote monitoring, events live broadcasting and more… 

Take an example in the following application:

Meanwhile, more and more intelligent buildings (LAN-ready) are around us, from residences, institutes to schools, and more… If you want to set up a security system with CCTV or other equipment, you have no choice but to wire intricately and it is costly. Now, video system can offer an excellent solution, simple and cost-effective.

Just connect WebMonitor to LAN and assign an IP! Security staffs and LAN users can see the scenes (like the front door, the parking lot, and the basement…) from distance. Users can view what happens at the other place. Simple and convenient!

Another example in our company::
Our offices are located in three places with LANs connected. With video system, you can view what happens at the other office, like seminar, meeting, cocktail party… or you can monitor remote manufacturing facilities and warehouses.