How the Internet voice device works

With traditional long distance calls, you pay your long distance company for each minute you're on the phone.
Voice device calls go through the Internet. Since no single company owns the Internet, you don't pay by the minute, so you can talk as long as you want and the call costs the same -- FREE!
The voice device connects to your telephone, just like an answering machine. When you make a call, the Voice device can re-route your call through the Internet instead of using long-distance. No long-distance, no per-minute charges.
The person you're talking to must also be able to make calls over the Internet. The best solution is to use another voice device. They may also use a multimedia computer with Internet telephony software. Both types of connections are outlined below.


Calling from voice device to voice device

Step 1

Setup the Voice device
Connect voice device to your telephone just like you would connect an answering machine. Then enter your Internet account information using the telephone keypad. (This step is performed only once.)

Step 2

Make the call and push the button
Pick up the phone and call anyone who also has a voice device. When you connect, tell your calling party that you're switching to the Internet, push the Voice device button and hang up the phone on both ends.

(When using pre-waiting mode, you do not need to make the initial call.)

Step 3

Wait for the callback and start talking
In 45 seconds or less, both telephones will ring. When you pick up the receiver, you'll be connected to your calling party through the Internet. Continue your conversation and talk as long as you like!


"...Making a free phone call has become as easy as sending e-mail. More than 16 million people now use the Net as a long-distance carrier."

Newsweek Magazine

April 9, 1999