Gateway to Low-Cost Internet Faxing

Manufacturers has developed the fax device, a complete hardware solution that connects your existing fax machine to the Internet via your LAN. Watch your monthly long distance phone bills drop dramatically as the fax device routes your fax transmissions around the world on the Internet for little or no cost. Add $$ to your bottom line immediately with a fax device. Sometimes, the recipient doesn't even need fax device to receive faxes through their Internet e-mail address.

The fax device doesn't take away any functionality of your ordinary fax. You can continue to use your fax machine just like before. The only difference is that faxes travel over the Internet while dramatically reducing telephone fax charges. If you have speed dial numbers already programmed in your fax machine, you can even continue to use the speed dial.

Here's How It Works

The fax device stores of your favorite phone numbers and email addresses. When a fax is entered via the fax machine keypad, the fax device matches that fax number with the associated e-mail address and routes the document over the Internet to a another fax device unit that is connected to a destination fax machine. Some fax device can also sends directly to a Panasonic UF770i Internet fax machine.

A Complete Solution - Nothing Else to Buy

Unlike other Internet fax solutions, the fax device is not a service. There are no per page charges or per minute fees. There's nothing else to buy. When you buy a fax device, you get a high quality, a phone cable for connecting the fax device to your fax machine and an AC wall adapter. Everything you'll ever need for free fax on the Internet.

Easy to Use - Nothing New to Learn

Everyone knows how to send a fax. When using the fax device, nothing changes - you continue to use the fax machine as you always have.

Network Ready - Just Plug and Play

Fax device is easy to install. Connect the unit to your fax machine, network, and phone line. In seconds you are ready to enter names, phone numbers and e-mail address of your most frequently faxed recipients. You can then send faxes over the Internet for free! The RJ-45 Ethernet port connector connects the Fax device to your LAN.