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Internet SME Suite

DacEasy Inc. based in Dallas, USA, is the leading developer of award winning accounting and business productivity software. The 'Customer Comes First' philosophy is the driving force behind the delivery of DacEasy feature-rich, easy to use, flexible and affordable business productivity tools.

Internet DacEasy Server

The rapidly-growing global competition requires organization to increase connectivity between its remote offices, sales force, manufacturing facility and business partners. Your company had multiple challenges to overcome.

With Internet DacEasy Server, company is able to reduce costs and simplify operations without the need to maintain hundred thousands dollars of leased lines and equipment. It gives you the same level of management information strength as the most prestigious world-class enterprises.

The Market in Asia
The solution localizes and enhances DacEasy products to suit Asian business practices and languages requirement. Among US based DacEasy products that have been enhanced and localized to Asian Editions are DacEasy Accounting, Point of Sale and Order Entry.

The Result
Recognized by top accounting firms and used by leading organizations in Asia, the products have several thousand of installed bases across Asia. In China, DacEasy Accounting (China Edition) is the first and only foreign commercial accounting software approved and endorsed by China's Ministry of Finance to be used in any states of China.

The Products
The solution comprises of a set of software productivity tools for Small-Medium Enterprises. Major products localized for Asian business practices and multilingual environment are Accounting for general businesses, Point-of-Sale for retail industry and Order Entry for trading environment.

  • DacEasy Accounting (China Edition) for China, Hong Kong, and other Chinese Business environment;
  • DacEasy Accounting, Point-of-Sale, Order Entry (Asia Edition) for Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and other parts of Asia.

The products adhere to General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) standard for international business peace of mind.

DacEasy Accounting

DacEasy offers the power and sophistication of integrated accounting system. Specially designed for general businesses, DacEasy Accounting comprises of 10 accounting and 2 financial management modules.

All modules are fully integrated to provide your organization the perfect combination in management accounting - significant time-saver for handling day-to-day routines, and accurate financial information for making timely, intelligent business decisions.

Highlights of Key Features:

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DacEasy Point of Sale

DacEasy Point of Sale is designed to improve retail businesses by managing their cash collection accurately, tracking the inventory efficiently and providing comprehensive and timely sales reports on merchandise performance for profit/loss analysis. It is easy to learn, simple to operate, yet feature rich and affordable.

Running on PC or PC based POS machines, DacEasy Point of Sale supports cash drawers, pole displays, barcode scanners, keyboard wedges, receipt printers and magnetic card readers. DacEasy Point of Sale system helps you to increase the efficiency and productivity of your retail business. DacEasy Point of Sale can be used as stand alone or integrated with DacEasy Accounting to provide front and back end automated environment.

DacEasy Order Entry

Every business loves to take orders. It means more customers, higher profits and more valuable assets to acquire for the Company. But tracing customer order details can be total chaos without control.

DacEasy Order Entry allows you to track information relating to customers, product status, order status (quotes, orders, blanket orders, consignment and returns), methods of payment and more. When integrated with DacEasy Accounting, it provides instant update to General Ledger accounts. Reports on sales activities let you feel the pulse of your business.