Intranet Development

An Intranet is an internal network designed to streamline a company's operations. As your technology partner, we will provide you with turnkey web-based solutions so that you receive an extremely robust Intranet Systems that can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of proprietary networks. A fully functional Intranet System can dramatically cut a company's administrative expenses, allowing our clients to focus on their business rather than the corporate bureaucracy.

We develop corporate intranets on a custom basis, using a set of pre-existing core systems. Each intranet application is configured to work seamlessly with your existing corporate network, and designed to your precise specifications - both from a standpoint of graphic navigation and functionality. Depending upon the complexity of the project, your intranet system can be up and running in either a few weeks or several months. Each system is priced on a per project basis, and prices include full installation and support. While we are committed to flexible implementations of these systems, our minimum threshold on an intranet project is normally around $100,000.

Some of our core Intranet Systems include:

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