Extranet Development

An Extranet is a communication network connecting two or more companies in a way that automates their administrative interactions. When properly designed and implemented, extranet systems can be highly effective in improving cross-company information flows, as well reducing the administrative burdens of repetitions inter-company requests - for example, standard invoice tracking or procurement functions. Extranets have long been pursued by Fortune 500 companies in a proprietary form of EDI, or Electronic Date Interchange, but the cost of an EDI system has been prohibitively expensive for smaller firms.

As a technology partner, we provides our clients with web-based extranet solutions to integrate redundant inter-company communications at a fraction of the cost of proprietary EDI systems. Frequently, these extranet applications manifest themselves in e-commerce related solutions whereby authorized companies can order and re-order supplies quickly and easily over the web. Sometimes, however, the nature of the information exchange is not commerce related, and custom systems must be developed.

The Extranet Systems

We provide our clients with completely customized turnkey extranet systems so that they may more efficiently (and less expensively) handle requests from other companies with whom they frequently interact. Because of the level of integration required, these extranet systems are developed on a per proposal basis. However, our usual minimum threshold to pursue an extranet project is around $100,000.

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