Don't cry! Easy steps to recover (for most) from WannaCry for Ransome Free!

Try this first

1) Don't reboot.
2) From an unaffected machine,
a. download and extract
b. download Microsoft Safety Scanner msert.exe
c. download Microsoft patch
to an USB Flash Drive.
3) Plug in the USB Flash Drive and double click on wanakiwi.exe file.

If it doesn't work, don't cry yet

1) Unplug power, remove battery, or power off the machine immediately.
2) Attach a larger external drive.
3) Get a bootable live Linux CD/DVD/USB.
4) Boot into live Linux without mounting any drive but the external drive only.
5) dd to create disk image file(s) from affected drive(s) to external drive.
6) mount all affected drive(s).
7) testdisk to recover files from the disk image file(s).
8) clamav to remove malware(s) from all drive(s).

Clean up

1) shutdown and boot into Microsoft Windows without network.
2) double click on msert.exe file.
3) double click on Microsoft patch executable file.
4) Done! ☻

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